Out of This World


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Open your mind to the paranormal with tv that reveals the supernatural, the spiritual, and the unexplained. Seek and connect every Wednesday with Red Earth Uncovered, The Other Side, Spirit Talker, and Ghost Hunters of the Grand River.

Red Earth Uncovered

Fact or fiction? Go on a thrilling adventure to places where answers remain elusive. This series delves into the possibilities and truths surrounding well-known historic events, legendary stories and the role of Indigenous Peoples.

7:00 pm 

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The Other Side

Paranormal investigators, working with an Elder and Spirit Guide, bridge the gap between the living and the spirit world. Their mission is to find a resolution with the wisdom of Indigenous traditions at its heart, helping the living and the dead along on their journeys.

7:30 pm 

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Spirit Talker

Mi’kmaq medium Shawn Leonard uses his psychic abilities to connect the living with the dead in order to bring hope, healing and closure to Indigenous communities.

8:00 pm 

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Ghost Hunters of the Grand River

A group of ghost hunters from Six Nations investigate paranormal occurrences in unique locations. Join S.N.I.P.E. as they gather evidence from the world of ghost stories, paranormal encounters, and the unexplainable.

8:30 pm 

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