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Season 3

Episode 1 — Clam
Art introduces Dan to a reclaimed First Nation’s clam garden located in BC’s Gulf Island’s National Park. After learning about the traditional means of cultivating and cooking clams, Art whips up a fire-roasted clam bake.

Episode 2 — Goat
Dan takes Art to a small Gulf Island inhabited by almost as many goats as people. Ever helpful, Dan assists a local farmer whose livestock is threatened by feral goats. Art and Dan must cook in a cramped double-decker bus but, despite this, the resulting meal is not baaaad!

Episode 3 — Pike
Art introduces Dan to Yellowknife’s funky urban beat. After hooking a monster Pike on the recently thawed Great Slave Lake, Art makes a pit spot at a funky spice shop. Dismissed by local Dene as an overly bony fish, Art is determined to create a mouthwatering meal from his catch.

Episode 4 — Chicken
Dan hatches a plan to de-pluck the mystery that shields the chicken industry. He brings Art to two organic free range farms located in the Cowichan Valley to source Vancouver Island’s best poultry and eggs. The meal Dan wings for his guests leaves them feeling no longer peckish.

Episode 5 — Whitefish
Art sets out to learn the traditional means of baking Whitefish in clay- sourced from the Yellowknife River. But first he and Dan must survive a rocky boat ride across the Great Slave Lake to drop the nets. Once their seasickness subsides, Art and Dan celebrate a clay-baked dinner with local dene drummers – a truly authentic experience in the Northwest Territories!

Episode 6 — Eels
From the shores of the River Severn, Art and Dan learn how to catch glass eels from a tidal river. The guys also get a chance to see an eel hatchery in Gloucester. Then back to London for some delicious eel dishes.

Episode 7 — Hunt
After a formal welcome at Smither’s airport, Art and Dan are guided on a hunt by a Wetsuweten elder. Their aspirations to bag an elk are spoiled by a pair of cheeky black bears. All is not lost though thanks to a communal outpouring of generosity and Art’s performance at an Aboriginal Day Festival.

Episode 8 — Pigeon
Sitting in a blind, Art and Dan test their patience. With a quick stop off at a gorgeous orchard Art and Dan are ready to head back to the heart of London, to the country’s best wild food restaurant, Native, to feed some very lucky people!

Episode 9 — Chinook
Art and Dan pay a visit to a Gitxsan fisherwoman in Hazelton, BC. They ride along with her as she checks the nets that feed hundreds of families in her community. Art and Dan are lucky enough to be gifted a Chinook and granted the honour of cooking at K’San historical village.

Episode 10 — Fly Fishing
Set on the former grounds of the Duke of Buckingham, Dan takes Art to his old school, Stowe, to try and teach Art how to fly fish. A nearby farm provides just what they need to go with their catch. Visiting his old alma mater, Dan gets a chance to cook for people that once cooked for him.

Episode 11 — Gleaning
Art sidelines Dan with his plans to create a meatless meal. Once the shock subsides, the pair meet with a “meatless butcher” in Victoria as well as glean produce from local orchards and farms. Art and Dan agree that gleaning is a delicious means of securing food and part of a long First Nations tradition of avoiding food waste.

Episode 12 — Deer
It’s not unheard of to have deer in a city, but the herds of deer in Richmond Park, London, are truly something to gawk at. A local butcher and a community garden offer some splendid treats to help Dan’s dish. Let’s hope he doesn’t make too big of a mess in his mummy’s kitchen.

Episode 13 — Octopus and Prawns
Art and Dan travel up island to Cowichan Bay to do some spot prawn fishing. When their guide pulls up the traps, they’re surprised to find an unexpected treat: a Pacific octopus! Not ones to waste by-catch, Art and Dan work together to create a fresh and delicious seafood meal served up at a beautiful seaside location!